Learn how I turn private practice Psychotherapists into community leaders by creating and launching a group coaching program.

Revolutionizing the way Therapists utilize their clinical skills. 

There's not much you’ve set your eyes on that you have not achieved. Thats why you own your own private practice. 

You love the work you do and the clients you serve 

You've always been a go-getta

But let's be real, you don't want to do 1:1 therapy work forever.      

I get it. You built your private practice from the ground up serving your dream clients.  

You've already done what most Therapists dream of but somehow, you're left feeling like there has to be more to you than seeing clients around the clock.

What once felt like freedom to make your own schedule has lead to the same trapped feeling you got in agency work. 

Only doing 1:1 therapy work doesn't fit the identity you want to embody anymore.

Because you're done trading time for money.

You want a business model that requires less time and more income. 

You want a business model that allows you to honor your capacity to serve, and serve well without sacrificing your mental wellbeing. 

You want a business model that isn't dictated by the laws of your clinical license. 

You want to expand your reach


Well, darling. I can help you with that.

impact freedom

financial freedom

time freedom

click to see what your next six months could look like.

Let's not keep that in your imagination. Let's make it a reality.


After serving your business, you're finally looking for a way to have your business serve you. 

Good thing I can help.

I'm Chasity -  a Licensed Therapist, Business Coach, and your guide to exiting out of the burnout cycle of 1:1 work and into the sustainable business model of group coaching. 

With nearly ten years of experience helping people find peace and owning two businesses myself, I know a thing or two about creating an intentional life.

Whether burnout has a room in your house or she's just knocking on the door, I can help you create the the life you desire through building the business of your dreams.

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