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My coaching program is for  moms in purpose-driven careers who are ready to create an identity that supports motherhood and their thriving career without self-sacrifice. 

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You've always been good at researching the best options. The research center at Harvard has NOTHING on your 11:00pm google search. Maybe your research skills worked to land your dream job, but it does not translate well to balancing work and motherhood. 

That's because awareness and information is only half of the puzzle. They may get you started but a solid implementation plan runs the race.

what you need is less information & more mindset work...

What if I said you already have the skills you need to live your life with intention? 

intentional time with yourself and family

managing stress and negative self-talk

clear and confident in your priorities and decisions

no time or energy for self-care

mental fog

Burnt out, stuck & confused


Go from

— Tanya.

"Btw, I really appreciate all your support and wisdom these last few months. It helped more than I could ever articulate.!"

Coaching is not therapy. Although I am a Licensed Therapist, this will not be a therapeutic relationship. Here's how I see the difference.

Therapy allows you process your feelings, thoughts, and experiences that brought you to this moment. While coaching takes you from this moment and positions you to reach your goals for the future.

How does this differ from Therapy?

• 12 1:1 coaching calls with Chasity - On the first call, we'll do an assessment that lets us know exactly what we need to focus on to bring structure back into your life.

The following sessions are designed to bring you clarity on what's causing misalignment in your life, and an individualized plan to provide stability in your path of working while caring for yourself and loving on your children.  

1:1 Coaching:

What's included:

RESET© is a comprehensive 12 week group coaching program for moms in purpose driven careers who are ready to create an identity that involves both their professional and personal purpose without self-sacrifice.

More details coming soon!


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Isn't it time you started investing in yourself just like you invest in your family and career?