For the Therapist with an online coaching business who's done neglecting her needs in order to be a great mom or have a successful business.

Prolonging joy isn’t the only way to maintain your business while raising children. 

That’s why there’s RESET ™ 

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RESET™️ is a comprehensive 4 month coaching program created for Psychotherapists with online coaching businesses who are ready to achieve work-mom balance by maintaining boundaries with their time.


You wanted to take your clinical skills and repurpose them into an online coaching business so that you could spread your impact, not stretch yourself thin. 

But listening to all of the online gurus preach about everything you need to do in order to build and sustain an online business has run you to the ground. 

Maybe doing all the things got you this far, but you know it will not sustain you. But even though your head knows this, your habits lead you right back to burnout and away from what truly matters.

Like spending quality time with your kids. Rekindling the connection in your relationship. Actually doing things you enjoy that don’t include your laptop. 

At this point you’re COMMITTED to making balance happen -- and cracking the code on resetting your life without you, your family, or your business suffering in the process.


There are 3 Objectives in my RESET™️ coaching program:

Help you reclaim your time and make intentional space for all of the important moving parts of prioritizing your well being and the demands of motherhood and running an online business.

A framework to rebuild your identity and business around YOUR values, strengths, and personality so you are no longer living aimlessly or according to someone else's rulebook that was never meant for you to follow.

Develop boundaries that help you maintain longevity in motherhood and in business so that you can operate from a place of sustainability instead of burnout.




This is for:

Psychotherapists with online coaching businesses who are ready to exit out of the burnout cycle and create more balance and sustainability in their life.

Psychotherapists with online coaching businesses who want to spend more time with their children without feeling like they are sacrificing the success of their business.

Psychotherapists with online coaching businesses who want their values to be reflected in the way they operate their business.

Psychotherapists with online coaching businesses who are tired of the unrealistic pressure to DO more instead of BEing present.

Psychotherapists with online coaching businesses who want a safe place to practice what they freely teach and ready to be led by a Therapist/Coach to help them do it.

Psychotherapists with online coaching businesses who are no longer willing to stop prolonging their joy until things magically align “after I finish this”. 

Psychotherapists with online coaching businesses who actually care about the quality of the services they offer and want to see the people they serve win!

This is NOT for: 

People who are just looking for more information and quick tips and aren’t actually interested in transformation and building a life of intention.

People who search and focus on why things won’t work out for them. We do #betonyourself over here.

People who have never had a private practice or have not yet started an online coaching business.

People who are not concerned about the relationships with their children and partner. 

How we’ll work together through RESET™️

4 months access to me and the RESET™️curriculum:

The program is created to help you create more balance while leaning into your career ambitions and prioritizing time with yourself and your family in the process. This is intentionally designed to be a 4 month container, giving you time to learn the material AND implement what you learn within the program. 

Four coaching calls a month:

Every week we’ll meet face to face through virtual calls for high level coaching together. We go over strategy, overcome challenges, and questions about the framework and your specific phase in the process. You’ll receive all the support you need in order to make sure you transform the way you structure your time, incorporate your values/strengths/priorities in your life and business, and boundaries to help you maintain sustainability.

Voxer Support Monday through Thursday:

The format of the program is the ‘secret sauce’ that makes RESET™️ work so well. When we speak, I’ll give you the exact format and we’ll see if it works for you. Just know that the format is the right mix of:

  Structured, comprehensive training, teaching you what to do

  Face to face virtual coaching showing you how to do it, and

  Voxer support and curriculum led worksheets, ensuring you do it efficiently.

what that will look like

In between calls you’ll have my support via voxer so that I can answer your questions related to the curriculum and your roadblocks or progress throughout the program. 

Shifting from private practice to an online coaching business can do a number on your identity. But after you reconnect to your core (values, strengths, and personality) you will be able to embody and identity that supports showing up for your family and business in the way you desire.



I’ll teach you how to see time as the vehicle to balance versus the thing you don’t have enough of. Learn how to structure your time so you are less overwhelmed and more prepared, focused, and intentional in making all the moving pieces flow together.

re-establish your boundaries

Up until now you’ve carved out WHAT is important and WHY it matters, now you’ll create boundaries that give you the HOW to maintain them. You’ll clearly determine what your personal and business boundaries are and how to communicate them effectively.

The RESET Guarantee

This program is not cheap. It's not designed to be. The women I have already coached have added time, clarity, and boundaries back to their lives so they know my methods work. 

However, (at this stage) you don’t know that they’re going to work for you. And I get that. To give you some comfort, I am prepared to guarantee your results.   

If you implement everything you commit to (as guided by me) then I will guarantee a FULL return on your investment. If you implement everything that I teach and don't see results while in the program, I will work with you for free until you do.  

Simple as that. You implement everything you commit to with my guidance and you get a guaranteed return on your investment.



You’ve gotten this far down the page because you’re a Therapist with an online coaching business who extends immense expertise and knowledge to the people you serve but have not yet extended it to yourself.

You’ve done whatever it takes to build an online coaching business and sacrificed a lot in the process. But what you’ve been doing is not sustainable and it’s time for that to stop, forreal this time. 

I know you’re SO done with….

Dreading the work week (and even weekend - hello!) because you are so overwhelmed with your never ending to-do list and you have no idea how you’re going to get it all done. 

Blanking out during family time because you’re thinking about the goals you didn’t reach during the day. But when you’re trying to work, you’re blanking out thinking about how you want to spend more time with the kids.

Letting guilt run the show by overextending yourself in your business or family life.

Trying, reading, learning, and consuming EVERYTHING, like how to increase your impact and income instead of how to sustain yourself as you increase your impact and income. 

Ignoring your needs, emotions, and priorities because you think they are distractions to meeting your goals.

You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that leave out the most important piece of the puzzle - YOU

It’s not ok because your joy is slowly turning into resentment towards your partner, children, or business because reality is not matching the dream and true desires you planned out in your head. And we both know how hard it is to come back from resentment. 

Working yourself right into the hands of burnout is not serving anybody well. And giving watered down versions of yourself in every important aspect of your life is leaving you feeling like an imposter - not because you don’t know what you’re doing but because you’re out of alignment.

It’s time to re-evaluate some things. 

Hustling your way through business without honoring your needs and what matters to you is the recipe to your worst nightmare - conflict in your relationship with your partner, disconnection with your children, and an unsuccessful business.

Is anxiously waiting for dinner to be over so you can get back to work, or always feeling like time is your enemy and you’ll never meet your business goals, or constantly second guessing if you’re making the right choice - really something you can keep doing for the next 3, 6 , or 12 months?

It’s time to re-evaluate the design of your life so you can see yourself as the fierce leader, Therapist and Coach, and mama that you are.  

RESET™️ was created to unveil this version of you.

You’ve always been great at giving of yourself. Now it’s time to give to yourself.

This is not going to cut it! This is not okay.


RESET™️ Results

I am 100% committed to helping my clients get results.

In fact, during the first 30 days of the program, I’ll be watching you very closely. If you aren’t actually doing the work, I’ll politely ask you to leave and you’ll miss out on your opportunity to transform your life. That’s how committed I am to the integrity of this program.

Unlike other generic and unstructured coaching programs, where they mostly reiterate what you can google search or you learned in grad school, RESET™️ is designed to address the unique experiences and identity of Therapists who now have a online coaching business and want to make running a business and raising children sustainable, enjoyable, and aligned to their identity. 

RESET™️ is not just about time management. It's about embodying an identity that supports how you utilize your time.

In fact, you’ll likely encounter some resistance. Not because it’s hard or impossible. But because it’s incredibly simple. This is the simple, step-by-step, high quality guidance that finally considers all of who you are in order to achieve balance in your life.

Achieving the business experience and family life you want is simple.

Stop trying to figure out the “how” by yourself and let me give you proven process and support you're looking for.

Let me coach you to boldly reclaim balance in your life