We both know your heart is set on coaching and not on the burnout cycle of seeing 15+ therapy clients a week. 

What if you could decrease your therapy caseload to focus on your coaching business  without jeopardizing your income in the process?

Get ready to EVOLVE

EVOLVE is a 6 month comprehensive group coaching program for expert Psychotherapists who are ready to decrease their private practice caseload by creating and launching a $3k or more group coaching program through organic & ethical marketing on Instagram. 

after You filled your private practice, you were looking for more freedom in your time, impact, and income. 


Collect money in your sleep with passive online courses/workshops because that's what the online gurus said


Actually have the freedom to do a mid-day Peloton ride with Cody, do a little coffee run, or maybe take a nap without regretting it later 


Feel happy and satisfied that you were living your dream while helping others while spreading your wings beyond your private practice


You know you were meant for more outside of 1:1 therapy. That's why you were drawn to creating passive online coaching offers.

You envisioned a life where you could...

You secretly want to charge more for your coaching offers but feel greedy for asking for what you want and know the transformation that you're capable of producing.

You've been putting so much effort into building up your coaching business but you're worried there won't be enough ROI to actually make it your full time thing.


Your stress levels increased from having a full caseload of 1:1 therapy clients and trying to make your coaching business work with low ticket offers. You LOVE what you do but not what it's costing you to do it. 


...but was this in the plan?


I've been there.

I always knew there was something in me that was capable of reaching more than the clients in my practice.

I did not want to sit on my passions in the name of honoring a degree that stunted my ability to use my God-given gifts and reach more people. So much like you, after getting some traction on Instagram, I started selling low ticket offers - $20 here, $37 there, $97 over there.


and just like me...

let's be real, creating consistent content ain't easy. And it's for sure not easy if you aren't seeing how it's connected to your private practice exit strategy. 

You're ready to stop following what you see other Therapists doing on Instagram and find a strategy that builds community AND converts that community into paying customers so you can decrease your therapy caseload.


You've tried creating a new mini-course or workshop to revive your audience just to be disappointed that the income doesn't match the effort you put in.


You've thought about just doing more reels to increase your lead generation, beefing up your email list, or dare I say... just sticking to the rivers and the lakes that you're use to - 1:1 therapy work. 


You've noticed that although low ticket offers got you started into coaching, it's not sustainable long term.

It's time to stop posting & praying and sitting on that curriculum you've been hoarding in the note section of your phone.


We both know that you are BOMB at creating transformational results for your clients in your private practice. And most of your secret sauce is embedded in real time connection by sharing your expertise.

You want to continue to see your clients through the other side of their challenges and you want to see it done on a much more impactful scale. 

You do know that you can repurpose your clinical skills in other ways outside of a low-ticket digital offer, right?

At this point you’re ready to transition your expertise to the online coaching industry so your reach is not limited by licensure restrictions. 

But creating a low ticket course, workshop, or membership is not the only way to get you there. 

How many low ticket offer (less than $1,000) would you have to see in order to reach your goals of drastically decreasing your 1:1 caseload? 

My guess is a lot!

a high-ticket group coaching program, priced at $3k or more, is the simplest way to get you there

Sustainably add a new revenue stream to your business that can be leveraged to not only decrease your caseload but also exit your private practice altogether.


Organically attract aligned and qualified leads to your program with a simple, yet effective content & marketing strategy.


Launch and enroll clients inside of your program by using an ethical sales process to enhance the client experience and community culture.


If you're serious about building a sustainable coaching business that allows you to see less therapy clients

With the right strategy, you can...

Learn the entire system to creating and launching your program

The EVOLVE Curriculum

The Curriculum Asset

The collaborative  & performance coaching

Full access to the EVOLVE spreadsheets, tutorials, templates, and scripts that help you implement the curriculum without the guess work

Individualized and in-depth support on our coaching calls 3x a month to ensure that any roadblocks or challenges are worked through to keep you on track

And EVOLVE helps you do exactly that. 

Here's what you get when you enroll

The Highly curated private community

Unlimited, 24/7 access to our private Facebook group to share your wins, challenges, and support for other Therapists. 

A private launch evaluation call

We'll review your specific launch data so you know where to make changes and adjustment for your next launch

**exclusive bonuses

Once you enroll, you'll have the opportunity to secure three bonuses:

The Resourceful Routine
(Learn the time management system that has allowed me to run my private practice & coaching biz while being a full-time work from home mom),

The Caseload Cap
(Identify your Caseload Cap based on four core metrics so you can exit from your private practice without jeopardizing your financial stability),

and bonus for your payment plan!

There is SO much noise out there about what it takes to launch a coaching business. And most of it includes burnout or sleazy sales. I’m team #keepitsimple and believe in keeping my clients top of mind when launching. I’ll be teaching you to do the same. 

After you complete your launch, you’ll qualify to book a private, 1:1 strategy call with me to review your launch results and what specific adjustments need to be made in your marketing and messaging. You’ll walk away from this call with a clear understanding of what your next steps are from the moment you leave the call until you launch your offer again. 

Create Your Instagram Content Strategy. No more fumbling around not knowing how to create content to attract your aligned client. You’ll know exactly how to use your content as a lead magnet for your offer. 

Connect your offer to your content

You already have the secret sauce, I’ll just help you format and package your clinical skills into your signature group coaching offer. You’ll learn the who, what, why, and how of seeing your future clients through their transformation.

Create your evolve offer 

Call aligned clients into your program




By the end of the program, you'll learn everything you need in order to

by transforming your therapy niche into a signature group coaching program

learn how to market your signature offer using ethical & organic marketing 

sustainably launch your signature offer

evolve is not a strategy

 where you're overwhelmed with information without a real process on how to implement it.

evolve is a robust system 

made from my best work to help psychotherapists like you develop the tools you need to lead the community you're called to.

How Dr. Shelee-Ann gained the confidence to fully claim the business model she's always wanted 


Private practice Psychotherapists who have already been introduced to online offers before. Whether you've bought a course on content or offer creation or have an offer that you currently sell online.

Private practice Psychotherapists  who are ready to optimize their current Instagram community by creating marketing content that articulates their program's value.

Private practice Psychotherapists who are ready to exit out of the burnout cycle by decreasing their therapy caseload with a sustainable coaching business model using a $3k or more group coaching program.

Private practice Psychotherapists who have been in their practice for at least a year and want to transform their current therapy niche into a coaching niche.

EVOLVE is designed to help psychotherapists get very specific results. This is why acceptance into EVOLVE depends on meeting specific criteria.

Private practice Psychotherapists who want more time and financial freedom to actually enjoy the fruits of their labor with their family.

EVOLVE is for...

Private practice Psychotherapists who actually care about the quality of the service they offer and want to see the people they serve win!

Therapists who do not own their own private practice/not a part of a group practice OR haven't done so for at least a year.

Therapists who are unwilling to be visible on Instagram by utilizing video-based content and being the face of their brand.

Therapists who have not yet started using Instagram to provide valuable content for their niche or know nothing about online offer creation.

Therapists who are just looking for more information and quick tips and aren’t actually interested in transformation and building a sustainable coaching business with intention.

Therapists who want to create a low ticket course, workshop, or membership.


Therapists who are just looking for more information and quick tips and aren’t actually interested in transformation and building a sustainable coaching business with intention.

Therapists who are unwilling to show up for themselves and their business by being the face of their brand.

Therapists who do not own their own private practice/not a part of a group practice OR haven't done so for more than six months.

Therapists who want to create a low ticket course, workshop, or membership.


Therapists who have not yet started using Instagram to provide valuable content for their niche.

Much like you, while doing private practice work, I learned about online coaching and how I could transform my clinical skills into a one to many model.

This meant less time doing one to one client work and more time with my hubby and toddler girls.

I went from idea to a membership in 4 months, organically grew my instagram community from 0 to 35k in less than a year, and served close to 200 coaching clients in the process.

There's nothing magical about what I did. But it did require strategy and action - which are my highest strengths laid out in EVOLVE.

You'll soon find that I'm a high touch kinda gal. I like to go deep, mix in some good laughs, and provide the type of safety that yields lasting change.

Meet your coach!

Wife, Mama of 2, Therapist turned Coach who created a thriving online community by leveraging my clinical skills. And I'm here to help you do the same.

I'm Chasity

You’ve gotten this far down the page because you’re a private practice Therapist who extends immense expertise and knowledge to the people you serve but you are hungry for more sustainability and impact.

You leaped into private practice and sacrificed a lot of time and energy in the process. But what you’ve been doing is not sustainable and it’s time for that to end m’friend. 

And I'm guessing...

Running through the Google streets and YouTube University trying to piecemeal how to grow a sustainable coaching business without sacrificing income or sanity in the process 

Dreading the idea of adding more clients to your caseload when coaching is all you can think about

Hoping for more but being paralyzed by not knowing where to start.

Listen, I know you're over

You’ve been feeling a nudge to fully step into your coaching business but lack the guidance and know how to truly make this work.

You KNOW you could repurpose your clinical skills and bring it to the online coaching industry but want to make sure you are being ethical and considerate of your clinical license. 

It’s time to re-evaluate the design of your life and business so you can see yourself as the fierce leader and Therapist you are. 

EVOLVE was created to unveil the version of you that boldly walks towards a more intentional and sustainable business model.



find out what clients are saying

EVOLVE Therapists

Dr. Shelee-Ann

"I am starting to get more follows from aligned clients... The shift to being more specific in my content and talking directly to my star is allowing the people who need to see me, to actually be able to find me. It took me having to be ok with repelling my spectator. If my content is talking to everyone then I’m being to vague... This program isn’t just about creating a group coaching program! It’s also about tapping into your next level. Thanks Chasity 😩"

Having steps to follow has been so helpful. It has allowed me to break down the work that typically takes 6-48 months to do with a client.... I feel optimistic that I have a foundation to work from"


Frequently Asked Questions

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Is EVOLVE the right fit for me IF I already have an online offer (course, workshop, membership, etc.)

To be brief - YES! In fact, EVOLVE is specifically designed for Therapists who have been introduced to the online coaching industry in some capacity.

So whether you've purchased a course on how to create content, host a workshop, or you have a fully operating offer that you sell already, you’ll find everything you need to position your new high-ticket group coaching offer as your go-to, signature program by further clarifying your niche and elevating your content strategy in Phase One & Two.

After the first two phases, my clients are ready to hit the ground running with launching their program.

Am I ready for a group coaching program? Should I start off with 1:1 first?

My DM's are humming with this question all the time! So many Therapists think that they may be jumping the gun too soon if they launch a group program.

But here’s the thing:

You can 100% start off with 1:1 to validate your program curriculum for your first launch and switch to a group for the next launch. That's what I did!

The beauty of having a structured program curriculum and a solid sales system as your foundation is that you are able to increase your volume of clients without increasing the time slots on your schedule. So if you start off with 1:1, when you switch to group very few things will change in your delivery.

Does the price of my group coaching program really matter?

When you're considering the psychology of buyer behavior - 100% it does! EVOLVE tailors to helping you craft your niche, curriculum, content, and launch strategy around buyers who are interested in investing in a premium experience.

Pricing your offer around the value you'll be able to provide to your clients is essential in not only attracting qualified clients to your program but helping them stay committed while they're there.

How quickly can I launch my group coaching program?

Very simple. I’ve designed the program for you to launch within 90 days. This means a 6-month container gives you the additional amount of time needed to go through the program in-depth at your own pace.

This NOT a course... where you fast forward through all the content and don't actually understand what's going on. EVOLVE is a system that when followed as outlined, will give you the recipe for a high-performance group coaching program that you can launch on repeat.

I also know that life-be-life'n so you have the margin to move at your own pace will staying on track to launch your program before your time in the program concludes. You'll have FULL support to implement and work through challenges along the way! (An exclusive discounted rate will be provided to you if you want to extend your time in EVOLVE)

Can I join EVOLVE at any time?

Although EVOLVE is mostly available to join at any time ( I do close the doors throughout the year) This is the only time your enrollment includes access to The Resourceful Routine, The Caseload Cap, and the Paid In Full bonus of an additional month's access ($1100 value). 


1. WARNING! This is the time to lock in the current price for the program.

I consistently add more value to the program to ensure that my clients get amazing results with creating and launching their group coaching programs. Because of this, a few months from now you might hear the tune of "yesterday's price is not today's price". You've been warned!

2. REMINDER! There's a reason you're thinking about joining now. What do you say we honor that?

You didn't land on this page by accident. You know you're on the verge of creating something BIG. That inner feeling - whether it comes from family, God, clients you want to serve, a lifestyle - is available to you now. You don't have to wait until "after...."

What is the investment?

Once you apply for EVOLVE, you'll receive an exclusive program training that walks you through the three critical steps of decreasing your 1:1 therapy case load through a sustainable high-ticket group coaching program.

During this in-depth training, we cover the mid four figure investment for the program. 

Because of the way this program is structured, your business model will not only evolve but the way you view yourself is guaranteed to evolve, too. And this ripple effect will impact everyone else around you.

You are deserving of operating a business that supports who you want to be

Therapy clients to your caseload knowing that you want to decrease your caseload with a sustainable coaching model

Waiting for the perfect time to walk in your full calling...

How much longer will you keep adding

how much of your capacity will be sacrificed

how much longer will you quiet your desires

Of leading a curated community that provides unlimited impact and unlimited income.

In the name of service because of your deep fear that you won't be able to enroll premium clients in your coaching program.

What I've used for myself and helped other Therapists strategize for in their online coaching programs, works. They've seen me in action so they know my methods work. 

However, (at this stage) you don’t know that they’re going to work for you. And I get that. To give you some comfort, I am prepared to guarantee your results.   

If you implement everything you commit to (as guided by me) and do not create and launch your signature group coaching program during your 6 months in the program, then I will work with you for free until you do. 
Simple as that.

The EVOLVE Guarantee


Click the "apply" button and fill out your brief application form.

Let me coach you to boldly build a sustainable and profitable coaching community full of the people you dearly love working with.





your journey to a more sustainable and profitable business starts with these three simple steps

If your application is accepted, you'll complete an exclusive training to help you narrow in on where your focus needs to be. You and I will chat about how EVOLVE can help support you.

Secure your seat in the program if we collectively decide that this is the next best step for you and your business.




You've always been good at building a business around serving other people.

Now it's time to build a business around serving you, too.

Melody S., Fellow Therapist

You have strengths in copywriting, design, tech, workflows, social media, and connecting with people. You are the full package Chasity. You have a presence that commands authority but in a gentle, relatable, and humble kind way. 

What other Therapists are saying