Healing Your Childhood Wounds

Having childhood wounds is not just about the big traumatic things you may have experienced growing up.

It can be the "death by a thousand cuts" of constantly dismissing your feelings, experiences, and opinions that leave you questioning if you're *truly* lovable, worthy, and acceptable.

These "small things" have big impact on wiring you to fear rejection and abandonment - and thus trapping you in an anxious cycle of seeking approval through overachieving, people pleasing, and suppressing your emotions.

Learning how to be a better mother, get your next promotion, or reach your next business goal won't break this cycle.

The peace you're seeking will only come from healing the root of these patterns by confronting the hurt in a safe, trauma-informed environment.

Through private, one-on-one coaching and support, you'll learn the evidence-based tools to heal the gap that stands between you and broken generational cycles - your childhood wounds. 

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It's official...

  • Understanding the foundation of being deeply wounded by childhood and why you can't just "get over it"

  • Identifying what key messages from your childhood wounds are driving your beliefs and actions

  • Assess your unique path to breaking the damaging Mother-Child Relationship dynamic.

  • How to grieve the "what was" and "what wasn't" so you can detach yourself from negative beliefs and cycles

  • Learn how to identify, assess, and regulate your emotions without judgement so your anger and anxiety stop calling the shots.

  • Detach your identity from being a Perfectionist and operating from high-functioning anxiety and finally allow yourself to rest and be the example of healing for your children.

  • Learn how to communicate your needs BEFORE resentment hits so you can lay down your independence crown for peace.

  • Create guilt-free boundaries with your family that don't force you to do the no-contact rule if you don't want to.

Exclusive and in depth support through


When I first started working with Chasity, I was recently postpartum with my second child. I was new to Motherhood, having had children close together. I had absolutely no idea that our sessions would take me down the path of my Mother Wound. I thought I had processed and therapized all of that, but as I began working with Chasity I realized that for the first time I felt safe enough to dig deeper. My time with her was renewing, strengthening, and I will forever remember my with her as transformative.

mom & CEO

"For the first time, I felt safe enough to dig deeper"

Healing your Childhood Wounds does not include vilifying your family.

Some of my clients hesitate to be honest about how their childhood has hurt them in fear of being advised to completely cut their family off.

This isn't always the case.

As we work together, the way you view yourself will change. And in most cases that impacts how you function in your relationship with your family.

But that doesn't have to come through no-contact (estrangement).

If we find that you do, in fact, want and need to go no-contact, I will support you through it. 

I'm aready to chat!
We'll meet on a 45 min video (Zoom) call every week for 16 weeks.

You'll have my full, undivided attention to walk through your unique challenges due to your Childhood Wound.

You'll walk away from our sessions knowing exactly how to:

  • Break the generational cycle of parent-child pain in your family
  • Navigate the relationships in your family
  • Find and sustain peace.

I'll bring my 10 years of experience as a Trauma Therapist and you'll bring your honesty, willingness, and action.

Together we'll discover the version of you that is healed and free.

Here's how we'll get there

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-> Weekly private Zoom Calls with Chasity for four months

-> Cycle Reversal Assessment 

-> In between session check-ins 

This is the highest and most intimate level of working with so you get personalized and thorough support to help you become a Generational Shifter. 


I just finished it and wow did it unearth a lot of thoughts and discoveries. I'm glad that I have the tools now to try and shift some of these thoughts.


"I'm glad I have the tools now"

Once we've decided it's a good fit, you'll reserve your coaching spot and receive onboarding details for session times, video links, and contacting me during our time together.
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Childhood Wounds are the negative emotional, psychological, and physical impact derived from experiences in your childhood that interfere with every aspect of adulthood. 

Whether you experienced emotional harm (manipulation, overly critical, name calling, dismissiveness etc.) or emotional absence (silent treatment, disconnection, abandonment) - the hurt you have from your childhood is valid. 

You don't have to clinically diagnose your parents with Narcissism or Bipolar to acknowledge the hurt from them.

But rather:
  • You feel emotionally distant from them.
  • You fear setting boundaries because of how they might react.
  • You hesitate calling or visiting because of how draining you feel afterwards.
  • You secretly crave having a healthy relationship, especially when you hear others talk about familial relationships.
  • Your biggest motivator of parenting differently is to avoid repeating the same family dynamic you grew up with.

Healing childhood wounds does not require vilifying your family. 

You won't be forced to bash, disrespect, or even completely stop talking to your family. 

Because healing your wounds are about restoring YOU.

Once you rewire your belief system and learn how to regulate your thoughts and actions, you will shift the way you view your family, yourself, and your ability to maintain boundaries without guilt. 

If we do, in fact, discovery that the only way to heal is through no-contact, I will support you fully through that transition.

The fear of not being able to "stand it" or "handle it" when it comes to facing how your childhood has hurt you is really a fear of losing control.

I'll teach you how to manage your emotions before they feel explosive so you don't have to continue suppressing your pain in hopes of "getting over it".

There might be a few reasons healing your childhood wounds weren't successful in the past. Maybe your Therapist or Coach covered many problems but didn't specifically targeting your childhood wound. 

This is the center of the work we'll do together. 

Just like going to a specialized physician, you'll get to the root and start seeing long-lasting results faster.

I hear you! I was there… staying up late to finish work projects/clean the house. Skipping lunch. And felt like adding “one more thing” to a never-eding to do list would be that final Jenga block that brought everything tumbling down.

But here’s the thing…When is the best time? 🤧 Waiting for your kids to get older or for things to slow down at work will only dig a deeper hole for you to climb out of later.

I don’t want that for you! And I know you don’t either. I believe the best time is always the time you have right now.

On my end, I PROMISE to spare you from any impractical fluff during our 45 min calls and the exercises should take you less than 15 mins to do a day.

Sessions are scheduled on a recurring basis for the same day and time (ex. Wednesdays @ 3:3pm CST). I’ve found this to be the most effective way to help our mom brains out!

We’ll work together to find a day + time that works best for our schedules.

Good questions! Everyone is SO different so it’s hard to give a for sure answer to this. However, I’ve seen clients start to report internal and external changes within 5 sessions. 

I will constantly be assessing where you are and provide an open space for you to chime in on the pace at which you grow. After all, this is your journey.


I fulfilled my childhood dream of being a Therapist and spent the first decade of my career doing trauma therapy for thousands of people. They all had one thing in common - a deep wound from a parent.

After having my girls, thirteen months apart might I add, I got a God-nudge to start creating content and open a private practice to help moms overcome anxiety. I noticed another pattern - 90% of them had the mother wound. 

Having gone through my own healing journey, I absolutely know how hard it is to parent your children while reparenting yourself.

I'm combining my professional knowledge with my personal experience to help you change the cycle and redefine what it means to be a mom in your family.

I'm Chasity.

Hi  darling!

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I attended your Coping through Covid call and it was so helpful, still using some of the techniques to help with anxiety. 

mom & hr professional

"I'm still using some of the techniques to help with anxiety"

It ends with me

The generational cycle of the unhealthy mother-child relationship can end with you.

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