Learn how I help Therapists with online coaching businesses trade burnout for balance by maintaining boundaries with their time.

Revolutionizing the way you run your business while raising your children. 

Theres not much you’ve set your eyes on that you have not achieved. Thats why you’re a Therapist with a coaching business. 

You've always been a go-getta

...But in all your doing you’ve forgotten how to      

You     well


I get it. Managing a business requires hard, consistent work. And the pressure from the responsibility to carry your business can be overwhelming.  

But something tells me you're tired of constantly having your foot on the gas.

The go-getta life was cute for a season, but it's just not sustainable.

It doesn't fit the identity you want to embody anymore.

Between working on or in your business and raising children, you're ready to add more pace to your life.

What if I told you, you could chase your purpose (both in your business and in your home) with peace?

You know, a life of intention that doesn't include burnout, guilt, and disorganization.

Well, darling. I can help you with that.


Let's not keep that in your imagination. Let's make it a reality.

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You're looking to finally find balance between being an exceptional mom and business owner that you know you are.

Good thing I can help.

I'm Chasity -  a Therapist and Coach just like you, and your guide to exiting out of the burnout cycle. 

With nearly ten years of experience helping people find peace and owning two businesses myself, I know a thing or two about creating an intentional life.

Whether burnout has a room in your house or she's just knocking on the door, I can help you create the balance in your life you've been searching for.

...a little birdie just told me


— Lindsey

If I haven’t said this enough recently thank you so much for everything you do for us moms out here. Not feeling alone on this journey is such a wonderful feeling!”